Monday, 5 December 2011

This Is Important to Me!


  1. I miss those old vinyl releases, album artwork is part of the experience, and smaller cd cases are not as powerful to look at for me.

  2. Agreed, artwork and the inlet remains important to me, although due to price I only really buy vinyl on special occasions now.

    I love the passion of this scene - also shows how silly one can appear to someone who cannot relate to such a passion...such an authentic argument, with an added dramatic touch.

  3. Yes, can be an expensive hobby, I kind of compensate by blogging album artwork.

    Definitely a relatable scene for any music-oholics, or just people who own a private collection of anything, really. I guess the girlfriend lacked empathy! Even so, there is a part of him I believe that would want her to be clueless in certain areas, in order to impress with knowledge of music ( :