Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Latest Mantra Song


  1. I prefer the older M83 stuff.

    If you like Brian Eno's ambient, I'd highly recommend Opalescent by Jon Hopkins-one of my favourite ambient releases, I believe its a best of album.

    You're right about Blonde Redhead LP
    Penny Sparkle, really enjoying that today, with all the 2010 music I got through, how did I miss it ( :

  2. The reviews didn't seem to be too favourable regarding the new Blonde Redhead album but I really like it, nice and dreamy:)

    The new M83 album isn't very consistent, as you'd expect for a double album but there's lots to enjoy. His previous album (Saturdays=Youth) is incredibly geared towards my senses.

    Thanks for the Jon Hopkins recommendation.