Monday, 6 August 2012

Answers on a Postcard

I'm not great at publishing stuff about myself (hence why this blog rarely updates) so why start a blog eh?! I suppose it's a good place to store a few occasional thoughts and favourite things. Chris (from movies and songs) has kindly sent me a Liebster Award invite. Generally, I'm not too fond of these types of questionnaires, as they're overused and often tiresome but it's good to have exceptions so i'll answer his 11 questions and ask him (or anyone else who chooses to answer) 11.

My 11 questions and answers:
1.) When and how did you become interested in movies?
Very young. One of my earliest memories is being scared but very excited by watching Ghostbusters as a young child. Also, my father owned and ran video stores, which must of been an early influence. As I do now, I took delight in reading all the credits on the front or back of those VHS boxes. Viewing all these images and colours on the shelves gave me great energy.
2.) Who is your favorite director, and why?
Technically, Kubrick - even if i'm not always enamoured with all the content within his films, the visual sense and sound are always so rich and inspiring.
Emotionally, Bergman and perhaps Truffaut - they both explore the fundamentals of existence, which naturally reasonates.
3.) What is your favorite movie discovered in 2012 (old or new), and why?
The Kid With a Bike - I thought the Dardenne brothers last work, The Silence of Lorna was a little off compared with the rest of their work but this latest offering could be my favourite of theirs. Simplicity, efficient, emotional - Bresson would be proud.
4.) If you had to recommend any movie you think everyone should watch, what would it be, and why?
Start with the classics, those lists like the recent Sight & Sound one are always a bit samey but there's a reason it's a good place to base your tastes on. Today I shall recommend Rossellini's Journey to Italy. For everyone, Jaws is a happy medium...entertaining, technicially sound and better than the vast majority of blockbusters.
5.) Have you been to a film festival, and how was the experience?
Not an official one, which is sad.
6.) Which soundtrack or score do you keep going back to?
Lost in Translation is a modern keeper, as will Drive be.
7.) What films do you find yourself daydreaming about every so often?
Apocalypse Now, Zodiac, Margaret, The Tree of Life, Taxi Driver, Rocky, Solaris, Deer Hunter and many many more of course.
8.) Who do you talk movies with in real life, outside of blogosphere?
My partner, family, some close friends - they all have slightly different taste to me but that can only be a good thing, plus there's always common ground too.
9.) Favorite film poster?
I'm not knowledgable on posters but i'll go with the iconic Saul Bass designed layout for Vertigo.
10.) What movie is the record holder that you have seen the most times, and why?
Films i've grew up on and watch most years and therefore find it hard to objectively assess: Rocky, Ghostbusters, Planes, Train & Automobiles, Arthur, Groundhog Day, Big and Stand By Me.
11.) Which movie websites (not blogs) do you visit?
I use to visit many more but due to lack of time and probably effort, Film Experience for fun, Playlist for news.

My 11 questions:
01 Favourite love story within a film?
02 If you met in a pub, to your mind, which 3 film directors would you have most in common with and why?
03 If you could discard one genre of film, which would it be?
04 Even in their bad films, which actor/actress has the ability to make something watchable for you?
05 Which director frustrates you the most in their ability to make good films but not yet the masterpiece they are capable of?
06 Most overated of the supposed classics?
07 Name 3 films which make you cry and why?
08 How do your family's taste in films compare to yours?
09 Favourite animated film and why?
10 Favourite documentary and why?
11 Are films art?

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  1. Nice to see you decided to take part!

    Good choice, The Kid With a Bike made me feel like I was in a kid's shoes again, like some of those 80s movies (Stand By Me, Goonies, ET).

    I haven't seen Rossellini's Journey to Italy, I'll add it to the list.Rossellini's war trilogy I've been meaning to explore.

    Any soundtrack by Sofia Coppola and I'm there, disc 2 of Marie Antoinette is often on repeat for me. As are tracks from Somewhere (2010). Lost in T is a classic soundtrack already.
    If you love Drive, you should try 2012 album by Chromatics:

    And since you like m83, I'd recommend giving this 2012 EP a spin: St. Lucia - St. Lucia

    I'll answer the questions here:
    1: Tough one, I'd like to think I haven't watched it yet! Maybe Before Sunrise or Titanic .
    2: This can only be based on what I've read and interviews viewed, and makes me sound self-important, I can only think of two: David Lynch and Alexander Payne. They seem introverted, and have an indifference to mediocrity.
    3: gangster movies (hate violence, profanity, and stereotypes)
    4: michelle williams, Catherine Keener, jack nicholson, anthony hopkins.
    5: I haven't warmed to Wes Anderson yet, Rushmore I quite liked. Althouh upcoming Moonrise Kingdom seems promising)
    6: I think Jim Jarmusch is overrated(except Ghost Dog, Coffee & Cigarettes, and first half of Night on Earth)
    7: The opening of Random Harvest, the ending of Paris, je t'aime (2006) , the ending of About Schmidt. Why? you'll have to watch to find out if same happens to you!
    8: Pretty well, if the choice is right.
    9: I don't really watch many animated films, so don't have a clear favorite. The Great Mouse Detective I grew up with.
    10:Tintin et moi (2003) . Brilliant look at the life of an artist. Rewatchable too, Hergé comes across as a person with an air of mystery about him. For music, same reasons: The Devil and Daniel Johnston, or, Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man (2005)
    11: Yes, anything can be called art. The opposite is non-art, and I don't know what that is.
    Good questions! Agree? disagree?