Thursday, 24 March 2011

Cosmic Dust

An alltime favourite with some beautiful astronomical images. To be a little corny for a moment, whenever I look up to the sky and stare at the stars, I am humbled by how lucky one is to be alive. Some amazing processes have occured over the years to be where we are now.


  1. Ha! Souvlaki. Haven't eaten one of those for...days ;)

    Just dropped in to say "hi" and say something as random as the above :p

    You put me to shame with all this music you post.

    My blog is supposed to be also about music. Have to do something about it :)

  2. In the spirit of where I spend a lot of my time...

    Wild Celtic likes this.

  3. Hiya James...Apologies for the belated reply. Well this blog is supposed to be about films so there you go - although i've been reading about the 2011 Cannes lineup - looks very decent.

    Glad you liked Wild Celtic.

  4. "This scar is a fleck on my porcelain skin. Live through this...and you won't look back." Excellent band, ta for the introduction.

  5. The album (Souvlaki) is one of my alltime favourites - highly recommend.