Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Destroyer usually specialise in baroque indie but as with many lately, they have moved into the glitzy noises of electronica and on this occasion, it fits rather well. Kaputt is the first album I heard in 2011 and will be tough to budge from any silly end of year list, although Panda Bear's upcoming Tomboy has the potential to usurp such a finely crafted work.

The great albums last longer on the ear, as they successfully merge great individual tracks together with an overall cohesion to prevent the future overuse of the skip button - a skill and feat very few will ever fully achieve. Below is a taster - a spine tingling intro will always gain one's attention and these rather orgasmic two minutes of wistful guitars over hazy synths morph into a strange instrumental ode to Minnie Riperton's 'Loving You', which ultimately develops into a groovy epic trademarked with Dan Bejar's unique vocal stylisations and non-linear lyrics.


  1. I like the sound in this song, curious about the rest of the album! Vocals kind of like The Smiths?

  2. I kinda can see that comparison - certainly his vocals aren't for everyone but to me, it's a most rewarding album.