Friday, 17 September 2010


Harsh like Haneke, shades of von Trier originality, Bunuel-esque surrealism, Lynch-ian narrative - perhaps but the comparisons aren't really enough to describe the emotions of taking in Greek director, Yorgos Lanthimos' Dogtooth - what's the film like? It's just...Dogtooth!

Did I like it? I do not know.

And similar to my initial reactions to The Idiots and Mulholland Drive, this may take a while to fully gestate...

Which films took you a while to fully evaluate their impact and merits?


  1. Mulholland Drive. I finally decided to call it a love story. That's what people do with weird-ass horror stories, right? That's what people do with House of Leaves, anyway.

    I couldn't decide whether I liked Funny People, for some reason. It was like two different movies, and I had to contemplate them as both seperate and one work(s). It gave me a headache.

  2. Oh boy. Still bracing myself for this one! But have heard such good things about it that I know I need to see it soon.

  3. Not seen Funny People yet - worth a watch?

    Look forward to your reaction Alex - it's definitely one of those to talk over.

  4. I found this film very unsettling...there's a huge contrast between the low-key, hushed cinematography and the completely surreal events which go on in the house. One of the most powerful films I've seen this year, but not the easiest to watch!

  5. Crumb by Terry Zwigoff, liked it, now love it.

    Films directed by Nicole Holofcener I often don't like immediately, they grow on me.

  6. Good point Jim - it was an unnerving juxtaposition.

    Not seen Crumb yet - as for Holofcener, I quite enjoyed Lovely and Amazing but Friends with Money did little for me.

  7. @Burning reels :
    I agree, I didn't care for Friends with Money either, a blemish in an otherwise interesting career.

    I'm no expert on Robert Crumb comics, but still to me the movie was great. It's in "1001 movies TSBY Die".