Friday, 27 August 2010

Best Performance by an Leading Actor so far?

I shouldn't have doubted you Mr Stiller...


  1. Declare me shocked.
    I had planned to skip this but you just sparked my curiosity.

  2. Really? A bold statement. Greenberg will need a veiwing, then. Another Focus Features film. I've yet to see a film by them that I've disliked.

  3. Nah, it's not the best for me but definitely top 5, impressive work indeed. And Jose, definitely see it. I want to hear your take.

    (Any review forthcoming, Burning Reels?)

  4. You don't know how desperatly I want to see this movie.

  5. I've become a follower, so thought I would leave my first comment here. Feel free to follow/comment on my blog, if you like ( :

    Enjoyed Greenberg. I admire Baumbach making something different, and not a redemption story I've seen 100 times before. Along with Inception, one of the best of 2010 for me.


  6. Why had you planned to skip it Jose? To be honest if you're not really a Baumbach fan, it still might not be to your liking - the character is basically Margot's cousin:)

    Agreed Wild Celtic, they have been fairly reliable over the years, through their various guises.

    What do you rank as the best so far Andrew? I'd be interested, as i'm still playing catch-up on numerous titles. A review? Perhaps, a second viewing could be in order though.

    Has it been released in Canada yet Mike?

    Thanks moviesandsongs - sometimes Baumbach overdoes it a little but I applaud his (general) direction...he is definitely establishing a voice in American cinema.