Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Intro Credits: Mysterious Skin

An excellent cover version (a rare occurance) of Syd Barrett's Golden Hair by seminal shoegazers, Slowdive haunts as dreamy light flickers, proceeding to a boy celebrating the joys of breakfast cereal - welcome to Mysterious Skin.

This was the film that made me realise how good an actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt is (and for me, remains his best performance to date). Despite the opening images, it is far from an easy watch but it is an excellent (and largely underseen) thought provoking piece of cinema and features a soundtrack I adore - Cocteau Twins, Sigur Ros, Ride and the aforementioned Slowdive - thank you very much director Gregg Araki and your splendid influential musical tastes.

If you haven't seen it, hopefully you'll all put it on your eternally long 'to watch' lists.


  1. Love. This. Movie.

    I wonder why Gordon-levitt doesn't mdo these kinds of things anymore? It's Nolan epics and romantic comedies now.

  2. I'm sure he will - nothing wrong with broadening your range a little plus sometimes you have to take the cash to make the art - although in his case, I wouldn't say he's sold out at all!

    Did you enjoy Brick and The Lookout?

  3. My favorite movie ever!

    The opening credits are surreal dazzlingly.