Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Brief Thoughts on Eight Films

Paul Blart: Mall Cop (2009)
Released in the same year and containing similar characters within similar environments meant both this and
Observe and Report did each other no favours. However, Paul Blart is much more consistent in it's tone and Kevin James' John Candy-esque mannerisms do have their moments but ultimately neither this or Seth Rogen's venture are an original (or particularly funny) addition to the current crop of comedy output.

Fifty Dead Men Walking (2009)
Unimaginatively presented IRA story - it's attempts to envoke a Bourne kinda style seem to come at expense of any real character depth. It's not specifically the same subject but if you want a vital film set in such stormy Irish times, see the devastatingly good
Hunger (2008) and brutal Bloody Sunday (2002).

Red (2008)
Unassuming yet potent drama starring the excellent Brian Cox as an old man seeking justice. Unfortunately, Tom Sizemore's characteur bad father figure does somewhat undermine the film but this small picture is worth a watch on a lazy Sunday.

Seraphine (2009)
Subtle tale of French artist, Seraphine de Senlis. Yolande Moreau provies a committed lead perfomance yet the film itself is a tad forgettable.

Tony Manero (2009)
Brilliant film set during Pinochet Chile. Incredibly intense lead performance in a picture filled with energy, meloncholy and danger.

Angels & Demons (2009)
Is it me or did the cinematography seem overly dingy for much of this silly thriller? Tom Hanks and Ewan MacGegor are both becoming worryingly consistent for their appearances in average-to-bad titles.

Coraline (2009)
A visual treat paired with an excellent script richly filled with broken family subtext and bursting with wonderful symbolism. Oh and don't call her Caroline!

Triangle (2009)
This bonkers film almost reaches 'so bad, it's good' territory. If anyone has a seriously valid explanation for what this film is about (and how it succeeds), then please please do share!

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Apologies for the lack of posting lately - busy bumblebees. Popular music in cinema, the albums of 2010 and anticipating this year's films will all hopefully be written about sooner rather than later...


  1. ...I will disagree with you on Fifty Dead men Walking, but otherwise, spot on, sir.

  2. Hey, was wondering where you got off to. Good to see you're back. Personally I liked Paul Blart because he is something so rare in movies these days: a nice guy. Tom Hanks plays another nice guy in his upcoming movie which I have read and loved to pieces.

    Red is a good little movie isn't it? I watched it because it was directed by Lucky McKee who directed May, a great underrated horror flick and wanted to see what he would do after his horrible follow-up film The Woods. My faith was restored.

  3. Very nice Linky Links Page. Thanks! :) Can't wait for the quote pages.
    Agree with Angels and Demons. It was awful.

  4. Why does it seem only I liked Angels and Demons.

  5. Mike, Mike, Mike. I say this with friendship and kindness: It was terrible! Did you read the book, by chance? Not only does Tom Hanks do a lackluster Robert Langdon but the whole movie is disjointed, hurried, lacking character development and is beyond predictable. (Even having read the book.) It was disappointing, to say the least. You almost wish the damn plane blows everyone up in the end..then maybe it'd make it interesting. Not that I feel any certain way about it. :)

  6. Coraline was #3 of last year, so I'm mighty glad to see good word about it. Dakota Fanning and ESPECIALLY Teri Hatcher were excellent.

  7. Simon, I shall admit my focus wasn't ideal for when I viewed that film. If a second viewing ever occurs and I change my mind greatly, I'll let you know!

    Which Tom Hanks film is that Mike? Yes, Red was an unexpected charmer - did you read about how Lucky McKee quit the film?

    You're welcome Wild Celtic.

    I believe my co-creator, Kev did rather enjoy Angels & Demons Mike so there are others out there:)

    Agreed Andrew, the voice work was inspiring - I knew I recognised the voice but was slightly surprised when I found out Teri Hatcher had created such stellar sounds.

  8. Yes, the co-creator did enjoy it! Although looking back the thought of a member of the church high above the Vatican in a helicopter does seem a little far fetched. Been a while since I watched it, would like to say I will do soon, but I have a very big pile of 'films to watch' growing! Oh and Ewan MacGregor was very good in 'Men Who Stare at Goats' but why oh why did they include the last 30 seconds of that film?