Friday, 26 March 2010

Food for Thought

When you enjoy that wild trip to the cinema, do you prefer to munch on something as you look at the pretty pictures or is this an unwelcome distraction?

Do you have any particular routine regarding types of snack for different types of film?

How about your fellow strangers in the dark - do their eating habits ever frustrate?

Favourite type of popcorn?


  1. Oh, yes. Here come the wild cinema trip stories! :)
    When looking at pretty pictures, I don't munch on snacks. It is distracting to me and usually I avoid it because the snacks offered are less than healthy for you and about 400% marked up in price. I don't mind the occasional slushie though.
    I would be interested to hear if people have a routine for types of snacks for different films! What a delightfully odd quirk. Like for action movies, popcorn. Romanctic movies, chocolate. Sexy movies, popsicle. Ha.
    Fellow strangers in the dark- it only bothers me when I get popcorn dumped on my head or M&M's tossed over me. Mostly if the food flies overhead, I'm annoyed. Or if it spills on my shoes.
    Favortie popcorn...popped. There is this popcorn that was seasoned with something and the name of it is on the tip of my tatsebuds... can't remember though but it was delicious.

  2. I try not to eat while watching a movie. Sometimes I even find it insulting to the film.

  3. 'Sexy movies, popsicle' haha

    Usually I don't bother with snacks nowadays but if it's big group or a blockbuster, abit of popcorn, chocolate and a slushy type drink can go down quite nicely.